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Why to choose BizMaster®?

Easy to manage
It's easier to manage inventory, stocks, billings, employees and much more with BizMaster®
Manage it from anywhere
You can monitor and manage your Business and staff from anywhere in the world. Just a click away from your business.
Premium Features at lowest price
We're offering you tons of premium features at the lowest price and we are continously adding more features.
Support is something that we proud of

We are available 24*7 for you

Don't worry if you need help. We are one click away, just text us and we will help you. Don't be shy text us on WhatsApp or call us.
Manage your
BizMaster® allows you to manage your stock and inventory easily.
Easy to manage
Manage commission or salary of staff, even their attendance on BizMaster®
Monitor your business from your home
BizMaster® is online, you can monitor your business from anywhere in the world.
Billing with POS and Online Payment
POS system will help to manage billing on few clicks.
Manage multiple business from one Panel
You don't have to purchase multipe software. You can manage multiple businesses from BizMaster®.
Manage your Sales and
Manage all your records related to sales and purchase, payment and due from BizMaster®.
Easier to manage
We have integrated CRM, track your customer purchase and based on that give them offers.
Powerful Reporting System
Sales Reports, Profit report and many more reports to easily track your growth.
amazing features

Neverending Features

We are continuously adding features and making it more powerful. From Web App to Mobile Application and much from, everything is there in BizMaster®.
amazing features

Repairing Management System

Manage Job Cards, status and repairing parts from BizMaster®
Super Fast & with Great Features

BizMaster® is for All

We have made it in such a way that every business can use it. If you need more feature or have a specific requirement, let us know. We will add it.
Retail & Wholesale
BizMaster® is best for retail and wholesale businesses. One WebApp for All.
Repairing Business
Manage your repairing shop, commission for staff and Job Sheet with one WebApp - BizMaster®
Restaurant Business
Either it's dining or Online order, manage everything easily with BizMaster®.

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