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All-in-One Business Management System

Manage your stock, inventory, customer from one or multiple branches easily!

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Mobile App to run your Business Efficiently!

myBizmaster provides App for Android and iOS to run your business from your phone.

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All-in-One Solution for Retail & Repair Stores


Manage your Retail & Repair Stores with an all-in-one Platform, myBizmaster. Manage your Jobsheet, Sales, Inventory, and Staff with a single platform.

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Why businesses love myBizmaster?

All-in-one solution

myBizmaster offers a comprehensive suite of features to manage all aspects of your business from a single platform.

Cloud-based ERP

myBizmaster is a cloud-based ERP software solution, which means that it is accessible from anywhere with an internet connection.

Ease of use

myBizmaster is designed to be easy to use, even for businesses with no prior experience with ERP software.

Jobsheet Thermal Printer
Jobsheet Management

The perfect solution for Repairing Centers and Shops

Are you tired of dealing with stacks of paper job sheets and struggling to manage repair jobs efficiently in your repair shop? Look no further! Our Repair Shop Management Software is here to revolutionize the way you handle repair jobs.

Our software provides a comprehensive solution to easily and efficiently manage repair job sheets. With our user-friendly interface, you can create, track, and update job sheets with just a few clicks. No more lost or misplaced paperwork!

Seamless Retail Management Made Easy with Our All-in-One Software

Looking for an all-in-one solution to streamline your retail operations? Look no further! Our comprehensive software is designed to meet all your retail management needs, providing you with a powerful toolkit to run your business efficiently and effectively.

With our all-in-one software for retailers, you can simplify and automate various aspects of your retail operations, saving you time and effort. Here’s how our software can benefit your business:

Jobsheet Thermal Printer
Jobsheet Management

Turn Your Single Store to Multi-Branch Business

Are you dreaming of expanding your retail business from a single store to a thriving multi-branch empire? Look no further! Our comprehensive software solution is here to help you turn that dream into reality.

With our powerful tools and seamless integration, you can effortlessly manage multiple branches of your retail business from a centralized platform

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Why our Customer love us?

A strong sales outreach tool

This is a great product for anyone looking to generate leads, with Masco you can create new lead lists or import them from your company's database.

Nadim Raza

Masco is a great product!

The interface is user-friendly and I really like the campaign builder. It gives me a lot of power to engage clients. Excellent outreach tool for B2B & B2C.Really cool!

Sanjeev Singh

Smart Service
Awesome cold emailing platform

I used to waste a ton of time cold-calling and emailing my potential leads. With Masco, All the relevant information about a company and its decision-maker in just one click. it automates the outreach process so I can focus on closing more deals without any additional effort!

Noor Ahmed

10/10 would recommend

I recommend it to anyone who is looking for a cold email solution. The tool is easy to use and has definitely saved my time.

Krishna Mahapatra

Computer Corner
If you are into outreach its a no brainer

I was hesitant to invest in it, but after talking to support and taking first-hand experience I must say it's a no-brainer.

Pradeep Das

"Good cold email marketing tool"

I recently started using Masco for my cold email outreach campaigns and have been extremely impressed with the tool. Masco had saved a ton of time and effort. masco helped me to expand my reach and find new leads. Overall, I'm extremely happy with masco & highly recommend!

Md. Ali

Aries Mobile

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Can myBizmaster be used to Repairing Store or Service Center?

Yes, myBizmaster has a plan and module for Repairing. Using which you can create Jobsheets, Manage Staff, Change Status and much more. 

How it can be used in Retail store and Super Marts?

myBizmaster has many features that helps Retail Shop owners to manage their business, multiple branches, their customer, POS and have a features like Reward Points for customers. Which can help Retail Stores and Marts to grow and manage their business.

Can I see data even if I am not at my store?

myBizmaster is a Cloud based Business Management Solutions, which allows you to manage or view your store's progress, even from your home or wherever you are in world.
We have secure cloud server that manage it all for you.


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